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The Owl flies at night

Brings good luck to the player of the void

(Owl Song)


If you go where no man goes

You find what no man finds

He’s moving on like an Owl in the night

The player of the void


He sees at night, a diamond shining bright

The player of the void

He falls to the Earth, to kiss it on the lips

Then soars back to the sky


You’re here I know, been here all my life, waiting by the door

To the land of the shining silver plain, on the other side


He knows his pain is the cracking of his shell

And faces night with day

To face the dark with faith and grace

To live the passion play


He flies at night

The player of the void

And waits outside my door

© 1997 Martin H. Wilde

Morning Prayer

I pray to the North for the difficulties in life that force me to reach deeper to resources that can sustain me. The darkness that strips down my false self, and leaves only my true self. Sipistu Bok-sa-put.

I pray to the east, to the rising sun, the opening door, for the new beginnings that always come. The light at the end of the darkness. The inventive self. The new ideas. For hope. Lugh Bok-sa-put.

I pray to the south for the good times, For love, patience, tenderness and responsibility. The warmth and the little community that I serve. The healing, the mid-day. For woman power tenacity, endurance and the ability to overlook the minor issues in favor of the big picture. Dana Bok-sa-put.

I pray to the west for the endings. The wisdom that comes from seeing things through to completion. The process of growing old. Faith, courage and the way of spirit. Siyeh Bok-sa-put.

I pray above to the Grandfathers for stregnth and clarity. Jim Gordon Bok-sa-put. Leo Surechief Bok-sa-put. Thomas Jackson Bok-sa-put.

I pray below to the grandmothers for love tenderness patience and responsibility. Shirley Morgan Bok-sa-put. Lyla Dwello Bok-sa-put. Sara Jackson Bok-sa-put.

I pray to the universe. You are all I want. You are all I am. Of myself I am nothing, you doeth the works. You are the dark and the light. You are the yin and the Yang. You are all power. Show me the currents just out ahead and give me knowledge of what you would have me do. Myrddyn Bok-sa-put.

Excerpt 27 – Expanding

Spiritual seeking or seeking God is a quest into the unknown; that which is beyond your current understanding. It is about expanding.

It is important that God is unknown. The more we try to pretend we “know” God, the less honest the quest becomes.

We are not supposed to feel safe and secure – life is insecure. Instead we put insecurity aside and honestly seek.

This is the day of the expanding man
I take one last drag as I approach the stand
==Donald Fagen


Excerpt 26 – Enlightenment

As opposed to achieving some fixed form of high wisdom, I think enlightenment is more the idea that insight comes on an as-needed, when-needed basis. And that it is not to be treated as currency, nor can one be materialistic with it.

This is my complaint with traditional religion. The idea that if you are a good boy, and save up all your good deeds [ideas] you get some sort of cumulative reward for being a good spiritual materialist.

Instead I’m leaning more toward the idea of seasons, timing, alignment of factors, instinct, intuition. I think intuition is the sum total of many instantaneous surges of enlightenment. They become imprinted on your being and are later there but not as intellect but more-so as intuition. They inform your choices which could be seen as enlightenment in action.

Excerpt 25 – The quest for Intimacy

It is intimacy that I have been seeking and intimacy that has been lost. I feel unified when somebody “gets me” and devastated when that intimacy is taken away or replaced by false intimacy.

To create intimacy one must become vulnerable and share the truth about who one is. It is this risk that sets the tone for others to reciprocate by also getting real. The bond of one person being real and another reciprocating by being real is intimacy.

Intimacy is destroyed by fear, selfishness, judgement, power games, pride and the pursuit of comfort and intoxication. I have been left alone by others who bail on the intimacy, so maybe all intimacy must end and the only constant is the intimacy of ones self with ones truth and ones world – with no claims on others.

Excerpt 24 – Pains-taking

To consistently stand up to another persons untrue behavior with truth is noble and potentially helpful to a person who seeks change. But for those who allow fear to take them back from their path, you are doing that persons’ work for them and they do not develop. You become the focus of their dysfunctional behavior and are often punished for your kindnesses.

Today I release others to the dark and light powers so they may be molded as the universe sees fit. I will feel my way through the pain of letting go, until I reach the other side.


Sobriety means facing life honestly and directly.

Honesty means seeking the truth of who you are and then being it.

It is my job to be the man I am, in this universe, on this day.

==Marty Wilde


Excerpt 23

To attempt to write or say the truth, when it only occurs as an instantaneous surge of inspiration is absurd, but then again so is being alive.

Truth is revealed at the right moment and cant really be captured and stored for later use. It is a “just in time” sort of thing.


Intelligence is a mosaic and as such precludes specialization

Intelligence is a mosaic and as such precludes specialization.

The set of skills that define a particular human being are like a hand of cards that have been dealt to the individual by the universe. It is imperative that a warrior explore every avenue to determine if there exists a skill there that may be added into the rest of his or her mosaic.

If you have your feet on the ground
And your head in the clouds with God,
that makes you very tall.
Be tall.

==Marty Wilde

Brene Brown – what can happen when people confront their shame head-on

Shame is an unspoken epidemic, the secret behind many forms of broken behavior. Brené Brown, whose earlier talk on vulnerability became a viral hit, explores what can happen when people confront their shame head-on. Her own humor, humanity and vulnerability shine through every word.