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Lipstick from a Pig

As a pilot, one is trained to to respond to an engine failure by first establishing the most efficient glide slope. This is so that the plane stays up in the air the longest time allowing the longest opportunity to examine options.

This is how I view life – the glide slope established once one outlives the hubris of youth, in which all is up ahead and all is wishes and dreams.

Enlightenment occurs only after the makeup has been removed and all is dirt, air and life.

© 2015 Martin H Wilde


Waddling fat and mesmerized
Dull and disengaged
Remembering yourself heroically
But unable to be you again

Slice the hand with a blade
Quicken the mind with pain
Shock the cobwebs from their anchor
Awake the craven soul

Starve the comfort from your life
The illusion of safety is a deceiver
Feel the essence of your deep self
Return to true hunger

You will once again be high on air
Satiated by a small taste
Aware of the unlimited magic
Again a visionary of the beyond.

© 2015 Martin H Wilde

The most profound accomplishment

I twist like a weasel
Slipping through razor mesh
Picturing kings and loves
And power

As control is arrested
It squeals like an entitled prince
And spits upon the wall of power
Screaming untamed lust

I crawl inside pussies
Like a lord returning
Disregarding the other actors
Intoxicated, I am amazing

I argue with the learned
As if I was born knowing
And advise others
Of things I do not know

I cheat my way onward
Take credit for flukes
I fine tune my format
Disregarding content

Pulling Rabbits from hats
I pretend their words are mine
I get lost in the fat-ass of vanity
Seeking an original thought

Presenting falsely to the world
Hating them for not seeing me
I hide behind my false self
They cannot find me

I kneel daily
Prostrate on the floor
I beg from my source
“Please help me”

© 2015 Martin H Wilde

Never to be chained again

I sold my soul
For a new ego

I gave away my 61 Travelall and 69 Harley for $900
And bought an 85 Maxima on payments
And wore slacks to work

Reckless destruction ensued
Of all I held dear
I took a role behind the curtain
Made tiny by fear

I hid in the unseen
Of the mainstream

After a month
I sold the Maxima
And bought a 1977 Ford LTD
With faded paint and rust
I installed an electric fuel pump
And drove it around

Look at me
Spiraling down
Broken chains flailing

One day
The false ego crumbled
The remnants of my soul awoke
And rose
Never to be chained again
Never to be chained again

© 2015 Martin H Wilde