Warrior Medicine

Over the last 30 years I have had a fascination and avocation with human spirituality. It has been my foundation, upon which all other aspects of my being have been built.

I have sought truth through direct application of spiritual techniques and wisdom – some obtained from others that have gone before me and some obtained through my own life experience.  I have sought through travel and adventure the nuggets of insight that are available to one who seeks.

I have considered how best to contribute something meaningful to others and to the world. Khalil Gibran wrote “The Prophet” and I was impressed by the immense kindness of such a brilliant human to write down and leave behind this distillation of his life’s wisdom for others (such as me) to reference as I seek truth.

I decided hat I would try to do the same and setup this blog as an experiment to share my sometimes hard won wisdom with people who might use it in their own life.

Thanks for looking. Stay tuned for more. All the best.


==Marty Wilde 12/29/2013

4 thoughts on “Warrior Medicine”

  1. Made a start mate. Looks interesting. I have your star chart above me on the desk as I type. Should get you more properly on my radar again. Hope all is well. Now I know where you are writing I have no excuse not to keep up with you 😉

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