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The Starving Dog

When life puts a starving dog in your path

You have a choice

To kick its teeth in, out of revultion

Or to feed it


Deep inside each of us are a Black dog and a White dog

The White dog is love and comes from our memory of innocence

The Black dog is fierce and comes from abandonment, abuse and neglect


To heal spiritualy you must pick up the Black dog

And even though he snarls, foams at the mouth and bites at you

You must love him

For he is your Black Dog


I was a starving dog once


==Marty Wilde 2017

Alone with my soul

I drove five-hundred miles
In timeless mountains

From hurt that haunts me
What has not yet come

I did not escape the hurt
And found more of what I am not

I remain alone
Next to a vacated silhouette
In the shadow void
Suspended in nothing
By nothing

Although my child cries
I do not sell my soul

Five-hundred miles
To make it home
To the darkness
Where I sleep

Alone with my soul

© 2014 Martin H. Wilde