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Not Alone

He told me

“Son, its lonely on the path”

This, after I shared with him

My terror at the possibility

Of being destroyed


He told me

“We have fear, because we have no power.

The closest thing to power is choice

As our awareness broadens with time

It informs our choices more completely”


I got off the phone and thought

Thank God for that man

I am not alone.


In memory of “Jim”

(James Marvin Gordon, November 17, 1935-August 22, 2011)

© 2016 Martin H. Wilde

The Dark Forest

Subjective reality is largely based on fear and desire, objective reality is an expanding awareness revealed through actions of faith, open-minded exploration and the ensuing experiences.

I have sat in a cell that has an open door, in a penitentiary that has been closed down and is no longer manned by any guards, all because of my fear of walking out into the undefined, uncontrollable and unknown.

The Dark forest

Lipstick from a Pig

As a pilot, one is trained to to respond to an engine failure by first establishing the most efficient glide slope. This is so that the plane stays up in the air the longest time allowing the longest opportunity to examine options.

This is how I view life – the glide slope established once one outlives the hubris of youth, in which all is up ahead and all is wishes and dreams.

Enlightenment occurs only after the makeup has been removed and all is dirt, air and life.

© 2015 Martin H Wilde

God is Wild

Carrier wave from nether
Shatters the boundaries
In Split-rock time
And holds the tension
Of conflict

Between pairs of opposites
I carry and await
The rising of the third

God appears in the black space
In the tension
The unknown
The uncertain

I’m in the vacuum
Untamed and wild
A universe
With no leash

God is wild
Wild is real
God is real
God is wild

© 2015 Martin H Wilde

My opinion of myself

I know where I’ve been
I know my enemy
I know my fear
I know my courage

I know aloneness
I know the others
I know my past
I know future uncertainty

I know you
You have been there all along
You have hidden in disguise
You have hidden beyond my fear

You have hidden behind my mask
You have hidden behind desire
You have turned the wheel
At the last instant

And left me standing here now

© 2015 Martin H Wilde


Waddling fat and mesmerized
Dull and disengaged
Remembering yourself heroically
But unable to be you again

Slice the hand with a blade
Quicken the mind with pain
Shock the cobwebs from their anchor
Awake the craven soul

Starve the comfort from your life
The illusion of safety is a deceiver
Feel the essence of your deep self
Return to true hunger

You will once again be high on air
Satiated by a small taste
Aware of the unlimited magic
Again a visionary of the beyond.

© 2015 Martin H Wilde

You lose yourself you reappear

Can I be reclaimed from the place I fade into?
Under the weight of survival
In the shadow of competition
Under the lust of power
Never again the crying boy

I go sleep in the mountains in the shade of nature
Under the watch of the Universe
In the sound of wind
Under the light of sun
A Myrddin trance

A field mouse quits fighting another
Over a seed
And sees the stars
What are the stars?

“You lose yourself you reappear you suddenly find you’ve got nothing to fear” ==Bob Dylan

© 2015 Martin H Wilde

Morning Prayer

I pray to the North for the difficulties in life that force me to reach deeper to resources that can sustain me. The darkness that strips down my false self, and leaves only my true self. Sipistu Bok-sa-put.

I pray to the east, to the rising sun, the opening door, for the new beginnings that always come. The light at the end of the darkness. The inventive self. The new ideas. For hope. Lugh Bok-sa-put.

I pray to the south for the good times, For love, patience, tenderness and responsibility. The warmth and the little community that I serve. The healing, the mid-day. For woman power tenacity, endurance and the ability to overlook the minor issues in favor of the big picture. Dana Bok-sa-put.

I pray to the west for the endings. The wisdom that comes from seeing things through to completion. The process of growing old. Faith, courage and the way of spirit. Siyeh Bok-sa-put.

I pray above to the Grandfathers for stregnth and clarity. Jim Gordon Bok-sa-put. Leo Surechief Bok-sa-put. Thomas Jackson Bok-sa-put.

I pray below to the grandmothers for love tenderness patience and responsibility. Shirley Morgan Bok-sa-put. Lyla Dwello Bok-sa-put. Sara Jackson Bok-sa-put.

I pray to the universe. You are all I want. You are all I am. Of myself I am nothing, you doeth the works. You are the dark and the light. You are the yin and the Yang. You are all power. Show me the currents just out ahead and give me knowledge of what you would have me do. Myrddyn Bok-sa-put.

The most profound accomplishment

I twist like a weasel
Slipping through razor mesh
Picturing kings and loves
And power

As control is arrested
It squeals like an entitled prince
And spits upon the wall of power
Screaming untamed lust

I crawl inside pussies
Like a lord returning
Disregarding the other actors
Intoxicated, I am amazing

I argue with the learned
As if I was born knowing
And advise others
Of things I do not know

I cheat my way onward
Take credit for flukes
I fine tune my format
Disregarding content

Pulling Rabbits from hats
I pretend their words are mine
I get lost in the fat-ass of vanity
Seeking an original thought

Presenting falsely to the world
Hating them for not seeing me
I hide behind my false self
They cannot find me

I kneel daily
Prostrate on the floor
I beg from my source
“Please help me”

© 2015 Martin H Wilde