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Not Alone

He told me

“Son, its lonely on the path”

This, after I shared with him

My terror at the possibility

Of being destroyed


He told me

“We have fear, because we have no power.

The closest thing to power is choice

As our awareness broadens with time

It informs our choices more completely”


I got off the phone and thought

Thank God for that man

I am not alone.


In memory of “Jim”

(James Marvin Gordon, November 17, 1935-August 22, 2011)

© 2016 Martin H. Wilde


On this slope 100 years
Bone on Bone
Youth and power
Now becoming dust

I will not return
The rope is gone
Cable frayed
Froze in time

Mornings repeat
A breadcrumb trail
The days tick by
A dripping tap

Of the friends
Remains only me
Their memories
Caricatures in my wake

The money, the sex
Deception of love
Pomegranate lipstick
On a pink, pink pig

Laying lanquid
In a backwater
Off the mainstream
I hold my breath

I await the end
Looking through the rip
At the empty beyond

© 2015 Martin H Wilde

You lose yourself you reappear

Can I be reclaimed from the place I fade into?
Under the weight of survival
In the shadow of competition
Under the lust of power
Never again the crying boy

I go sleep in the mountains in the shade of nature
Under the watch of the Universe
In the sound of wind
Under the light of sun
A Myrddin trance

A field mouse quits fighting another
Over a seed
And sees the stars
What are the stars?

“You lose yourself you reappear you suddenly find you’ve got nothing to fear” ==Bob Dylan

© 2015 Martin H Wilde