Morning Prayer

I pray to the North for the difficulties in life that force me to reach deeper to resources that can sustain me. The darkness that strips down my false self, and leaves only my true self. Sipistu Bok-sa-put.

I pray to the east, to the rising sun, the opening door, for the new beginnings that always come. The light at the end of the darkness. The inventive self. The new ideas. For hope. Lugh Bok-sa-put.

I pray to the south for the good times, For love, patience, tenderness and responsibility. The warmth and the little community that I serve. The healing, the mid-day. For woman power tenacity, endurance and the ability to overlook the minor issues in favor of the big picture. Dana Bok-sa-put.

I pray to the west for the endings. The wisdom that comes from seeing things through to completion. The process of growing old. Faith, courage and the way of spirit. Siyeh Bok-sa-put.

I pray above to the Grandfathers for stregnth and clarity. Jim Gordon Bok-sa-put. Leo Surechief Bok-sa-put. Thomas Jackson Bok-sa-put.

I pray below to the grandmothers for love tenderness patience and responsibility. Shirley Morgan Bok-sa-put. Lyla Dwello Bok-sa-put. Sara Jackson Bok-sa-put.

I pray to the universe. You are all I want. You are all I am. Of myself I am nothing, you doeth the works. You are the dark and the light. You are the yin and the Yang. You are all power. Show me the currents just out ahead and give me knowledge of what you would have me do. Myrddyn Bok-sa-put.

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