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Not Alone

He told me

“Son, its lonely on the path”

This, after I shared with him

My terror at the possibility

Of being destroyed


He told me

“We have fear, because we have no power.

The closest thing to power is choice

As our awareness broadens with time

It informs our choices more completely”


I got off the phone and thought

Thank God for that man

I am not alone.


In memory of “Jim”

(James Marvin Gordon, November 17, 1935-August 22, 2011)

© 2016 Martin H. Wilde

The Dark Forest

Subjective reality is largely based on fear and desire, objective reality is an expanding awareness revealed through actions of faith, open-minded exploration and the ensuing experiences.

I have sat in a cell that has an open door, in a penitentiary that has been closed down and is no longer manned by any guards, all because of my fear of walking out into the undefined, uncontrollable and unknown.

The Dark forest