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Excerpt 4

 Daily Prayer to the Universe:

“You are all I want, and you are all I am of any worth. Of myself I am nothing, you doeth the works.”

Excerpt 3

Fear is the fence at the edge of your universe.

It is your fear that limits you. The adventure you seek lies just over the fence of fear.

In that dark world beyond the edges marked by fear, you will face the voices that weaken you. It is at this point where it is imperative to keep your focus on the point of light in the midst of the dark.

This is Owl Medicine, to see at night a diamond shining bright.

Excerpt 2

He who goes where no man goes finds what no man finds.

It is scary and lonely to seek a personal version of universal truth. But no other version of truth will satisfy at full depth and no other path has heart.

Excerpt 1 – Finding your spirit

A warrior chooses to ask for [and then diligently allows] the powers to strip off the false layers to expose what may be hiding beneath.

Finding your spirit is painful and courageous. It is scary and painful to have your pathetic false veneer shredded off. It is also frightening to face the possibility that there may not be anything so wonderful beneath. It is tremendously honorable to finally decide to find out.

It’s better to know than not know.