Im Dyin Lord

They call it depression
In the looking glass
I do not know
I call it the path

Emotional healing
And I can’t complain
I’m looking up ahead
An approaching train

It stops to get me
And I climb aboard
It takes me down
To the place that I’m…

Dying Lord
I’m dying Lord
Said I’m dying Lord

I’m Dying Lord
Emotional upheaval
Said I’m dying Lord

© 2015 Martin H Wilde

5 thoughts on “Im Dyin Lord”

  1. I really relate to this poem it is very evocative. I had clinical depression for many many years and wanted to kill myself getting very close on one occasion. I had severe depression for 13 years and it really was a nightmare. But I have always, even in childhood, been determined that my mental health problems would not hold me back. So during that period I came top of the class at school, got into Oxford University at the age of 16 and then got a job as a reporter/producer at the BBC. My mental health problems were obvious to everyone around me but it wasn’t until I was 22 that I got into therapy and the depression started to life. But although the depression was hell I relate to what you say about a journey in this post. It was my journey that has made me the person I am today and although I would hate to go back to it it has given me a lot of material to write about in my blog. Everyone has a journey, mine involved suffering but now I am happier than I have ever been.

    1. Thanks Caroline. My story is similar. Instead of being handicapped by my challenges I have developed a spirituality built around throwing my arms around my demons. Been at it 32 years so far…….Like I always say “Its a full time job being me”. Cheers all the best to you.

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