Let me share something….

…Weird day, weird day, funny day, the only day
…Weird day, strange day
…Forms of my music
…Runnin’ through my head

Wind blowin’
Grass flowin’
Rebirth coming
Moving out
Like a chicken
He’s growin’ though his shell

Gonna bust it off
Gonna expand out
Wet chick sitting in a new world

He ain’t the one
You know it’s better
He’s a new man
He’s a new thing

Birds flyin’
Air blowin’
Sun shinin’
Lookin’ down on me
Suggesting things I never did see

Things I never thought
Things I never knew
Places I never been
People I never knew

I’m new
Like a child
He’s just comin’ on

He’s lookin’ out
In a dark forest
These God-damn trees
Keep getting in my way

Gonna cut ’em down
Gonna level it out
Gonna burn it down
Gonna work this thing out

I’m just bein’ reborn
Like a chicken
Like a baby
Bustin’ out his shell

The shell of understanding
That surrounds my heart
It’s a thing that’s gotta go
It’s a thing that I can expand out of

A thing I’m gonna move out of
A thing I’m gonna work out of
I’m gonna wait here, I’m gonna wait here
I’m gonna wait here, I’m gonna wait here

The phone will ring
And everything
Will turn around
It’ll be different the next time

Be the same thing
The same thing
Be the same thing
Again next time

How many years
Must this go on?
Night and day, night and day
Night and day
It’s on and on

How many years
Must this go on?
Dark and light and night and day
How many years must this go on?

The mind is makin’ up
What the spirits doin’

It’s fightin’, pretending
Fightin’, pretending, fightin’, pretending, fightin’, pretending

Resisting everything
Holding back, holding on
Bleeding finger nails
Letting go of things
That chain me down
They’re chainin’ me down

Holding me down
Like a chain, on a balloon
Cut it loose, rise a little
Holding me down, holding me down
Air blowin’ down through this place
My camp
……………..Hard times, waiting outside your door!

Ya know what?
I’m gonna make sense of this
One life
Eighty years
Gonna make sense of this
I’m gonna work it out
You know I will…

Gonna cut that chain, rise a bit
Cut another chain, gonna rise a bit
Cut ’em all loose, rise up through hell
Rise up through Hell
Rise up through the smoke

I’m gonna walk
With the earth and my mind
Gonna feel my skin
Feel this thing
Gonna work it out
Gonna work this thing out

© 1997 Martin H. Wilde
Remix 2015

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