I slipped back to the dark side
But did not see
I could sense the wrongness
But clung tightly
I became possessive and protective
Defensive and suspicious

There came a day
When my code of rigorous honestly was betrayed
And Intimacy was forsaken

An Owl flew from across my path
From a nearby perch
As I stood up to the betrayer
and sent this object of desire away
An chose the purification of the Dark

Months past in dark despair
I thought of nothing but the object
I had no reason to keep living
All joy for all time
Had ended
There was no hope

There came a day of relief
And I felt excellence in all
For no reason
Followed by a night of no sleep
The darkness came back deeply
I asked for protection and care
With complete abandon

Suddenly I saw clearly
That I had gone to the dark side
I had not seen it
Now I saw it
I said Thanks over and over
I saw Lilith smile

I thought I could manage
I thought I could go there
I forgot who I am
The son of light
Bourne of the dark.
Myrddyn come!

© 2014 Martin H. Wilde
(Myrddin Wyllt)

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