Sitting by the river
I find thoughts I can’t put down
Sitting by the pathway
Leading back to town

Sitting down by “waste can” visions
Leading me nowhere
Paired people strolling by
I only sit and stare

And it’s dark

Sitting on the park bench
Writing what I seem to see
I can’t be like other people
I’m left with only me

The sunlight leaves my shadow
On the cobble stone
My mind keeps telling me
To feel I’m all alone

‘Cause it’s dark

Old women dissect life
In their tit-tat way
I’d like to change their ways
But what is there to say?

Small birds hum through the trees
Like men through court room halls
Their minds are strung like beads
Defying nature’s call

And it’s dark

I close the page that says
I’m smaller than I feel
To write a profound line
I strive, but only steal

‘Cause it’s dark

© 1997 Martin H. Wilde
Remixed 2014

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