Far Away From Me

I tried to lay with sheep
And was cocooned lobotomized
In a holding pattern this side of Satan’s workshop
Contaminated by their fear

Dumbstruck by their mindless avoidance
Drowned by their shallow morality
Obscured by their communal vanity
Erased by their consensus reality
Emasculated by pity and unearned praise

In my trance
I bit hard on the glad-hand that fed me
Bellowed deep and drew blood
I lept flailing through a floating window into the heat below
They did not follow

They settled back
Curled up cooing and cowardly
Clinging to the story line

They stared off dazed and stuporous
Lost in the fog of far away
Without spirit
Without heart

Far away from me
Far away from me.

 © 2014 Martin H. Wilde

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