Enlightenment comes as a surge in particular instant.

True spiritual insight is only pertinent to the instant in which it occurs.

Following that moment the false self starts to try to capture the ghost and loses it all, save the trite intellectual currency that ego hoards to float in its barge of empty husks that make up image.

5 thoughts on “Enlightenment comes as a surge in particular instant.”

  1. So are you saying that insight is fleeting; you try to break it down and make sense of it, maybe so that the next time it comes along you are better able to recognise it and could perhaps glean more from it – having had some sort of previous experience of it – and thus you are better equipped to learn more from such a precious moment. But in doing all of that ie by bringing intellectual analysis to bear upon such gossamer so that it may be deconstructed, you are saying that you ruin the moment entirely? If that is the case, how do you add longevity to insight? If it comes and is gone in a flash, what good is it if it has no lingering benefit? And what is the difference then between someone who has experienced enlightenment and someone who has not? Someone experiences enlightenment, and the other guy doesn’t. Five minutes later, what is the difference between the two?

    1. Actually I think enlightenment is more the idea that insight comes on an as-need, when-needed basis. And that it is not to be treated as currency, nor can one be materialistic with it. This is my complaint with traditional religion. The idea that if you are a good boy, and save up all your good deeds [ideas] you get some sort of cumulative reward for being a good spiritual materialist.

      Instead I’m leaning more toward the idea of seasons, timing, alignment of factors, instinct, intuition. I think intuition is the sum total of many instantaneous surges of enlightenment. They become imprinted on your being and are later there but not as intellect but more-so as intuition. They inform your choices which could be seen as enlightenment in action.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me Stu

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